Sarjapur: The Emerging Real Estate Hub in BangaloreSarjapur: The Emerging Real Estate Hub in Bangalore

In recent years, Sarjapur, located in the eastern part of Bangalore, has witnessed exponential growth, making it a standout player in the city’s real estate market. This once-quiet neighborhood has transformed into a thriving realty hotspot, attracting major companies like Wipro, Meesho, Navi, and more. This influx of businesses has led to a surge in population and a heightened demand for residential properties in the area.

When considering a property purchase, buyers often prioritize factors such as proximity to workplaces, access to schools, medical facilities, and convenience in terms of shopping and entertainment options. Sarjapur offers all these amenities and more, with excellent connectivity to major IT hubs like Whitefield, Koramangala, HSR Layout, Marathahalli, Electronic City, and the Outer Ring Road (ORR).

The real estate landscape in Sarjapur has seen a dynamic shift with the establishment of numerous offices, IT parks, and brand showrooms. Similar to Mumbai’s high property prices due to limited inventory, Sarjapur is experiencing a similar trend with a shortage of available properties and high demand.

The demand for ready-to-move-in (RTMI) properties has far outpaced supply, leading to a nearly doubling of the price per square foot over the past three years. The average price per square foot has surged from Rs 6000-8000 in the pre-Covid and early pandemic months to the current range of Rs 11000-13000. Even Grade B builders have raised housing prices in response to the overwhelming demand.

Sarjapur has become a hotspot for new launches, with 50 projects introduced in the last three years. Real estate developers are capitalizing on the strong demand, resulting in rapid absorption of these projects.

Additionally, the upcoming metro line is set to further boost the demand for properties in Sarjapur. Improved public transportation connectivity will reduce commute times, making Sarjapur an even more attractive destination for property investment.

Sarjapur’s journey in Bangalore’s real estate landscape has been remarkable, evolving from a serene neighborhood to a bustling real estate hub. Factors such as increased demand, limited supply of ready-to-move-in properties, the new metro line, and improved connectivity draw parallels with the real estate dynamics of Mumbai.

Whether it’s the presence of major companies, strategic developments by real estate builders, or the promise of enhanced public transportation, Sarjapur is poised to maintain its status as a sought-after residential and investment destination in Bangalore’s dynamic real estate market.

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