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Welcome to the epitome of luxurious living at Prestige Somerville on Varthur Road! Nestled in the heart of Bangalore, this prestigious residential development promises a lifestyle that is truly unmatched. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil haven away from the bustling city or a vibrant community filled with amenities and conveniences, Prestige Somerville has it all. From its prime location to its exquisite design and world-class facilities, this exclusive property offers everything you need to elevate your lifestyle to new heights. So, let’s dive into the details and discover why Prestige Somerville is where dreams become reality!

Location and Amenities of the Property

Location plays a key role when it comes to choosing the perfect home. And Prestige Somerville, located on Varthur Road in Bangalore, offers an ideal location that combines convenience and tranquility.

Situated in the bustling neighborhood of Whitefield, Prestige Somerville provides easy access to major IT parks like International Tech Park (ITPL) and EPIP Zone. This means shorter commutes for professionals working in these areas.

In addition to its strategic location, Prestige Somerville boasts a range of amenities that cater to every resident’s needs. The property features lush green landscapes, jogging tracks, swimming pools, and well-equipped fitness centers for those who prioritize an active lifestyle.

For families with children, there are dedicated play areas where kids can have fun under the watchful eye of trained staff members. The community also offers 24/7 security services and CCTV surveillance to ensure residents’ safety at all times.

Types of Apartments Available

At Prestige Somerville, you can choose from a wide range of apartments that cater to different lifestyles and preferences. Whether you are a young professional looking for a cozy studio apartment or a growing family in need of more space, there is an option for everyone.

The property offers 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments designed with modern aesthetics and functionality in mind. Each unit features spacious living areas filled with natural light, well-appointed kitchens with high-quality fixtures and fittings, and elegant bathrooms that create a sense of luxury.

For those seeking extra indulgence, Prestige Somerville also offers premium penthouse suites. These exclusive units boast expansive layouts, private terraces offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, and additional amenities such as jacuzzis or personal home theaters.

With its diverse selection of apartments available at competitive prices,Prestige Somerville truly caters to different budgets without compromising on quality or comfort. So whether you’re starting out on your own or looking for your dream family home,Prestige Somerville has the perfect apartment waiting for you.

Unique Features and Design Elements

Prestige Somerville, located on Varthur Road in Bangalore, offers much more than just luxurious apartments. The property boasts a range of unique features and design elements that set it apart from other residential developments in the area.

One standout feature is the stunning architecture of Prestige Somerville. The buildings are designed with a contemporary style that combines sleek lines and modern materials to create an elegant and sophisticated look. The attention to detail is evident throughout the development, from the beautifully landscaped gardens to the thoughtfully designed common areas.

Inside each apartment at Prestige Somerville, you’ll find a host of high-end finishes and fixtures. The spacious living areas are flooded with natural light thanks to large windows that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding greenery. The kitchens are equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and stylish cabinetry, making meal preparation a breeze.

Another unique aspect of Prestige Somerville Bangalore is its focus on sustainability. The property incorporates eco-friendly features such as rainwater harvesting systems and solar panels to reduce its environmental impact. Not only will residents enjoy lower utility bills, but they can also take pride in knowing they’re living in a sustainable community.

The design elements at Prestige Somerville go beyond aesthetics; they enhance functionality as well. Each apartment has been intelligently laid out to maximize space utilization while maintaining privacy between rooms. Residents will appreciate the ample storage options provided, including built-in wardrobes in every bedroom.

Lifestyle Facilities and Services Offered

At Prestige Somerville, the focus is not just on providing luxurious apartments but also on offering a comprehensive range of lifestyle facilities and services to enhance your living experience.

The property boasts an array of amenities that cater to all age groups. The well-equipped fitness center allows residents to maintain their health and wellness routine without having to leave the premises. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, there are lush green landscaped gardens where you can take a leisurely stroll or simply relax amidst nature.

If you’re in need of some relaxation, head over to the swimming pool area, complete with loungers and cabanas for ultimate comfort. And for those special occasions or gatherings with friends and family, there’s a multipurpose hall available for residents to host parties or events.

In addition to these facilities, Prestige Somerville also offers 24/7 security services, ensuring your safety at all times. The property is equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras and trained security personnel who are always vigilant.

Commuting Options and Nearby attractions

One of the key factors to consider when choosing a new home is its accessibility to transportation options. At Prestige Somerville, you’ll find yourself conveniently located near various commuting options that make traveling around Bangalore a breeze.

For those who prefer public transportation, there are several bus stops within walking distance from the property. The well-connected road network ensures easy access to major highways and arterial roads, allowing residents to reach their destinations quickly and efficiently.

If you prefer driving or owning a vehicle, rest assured that Prestige Somerville Varthur Road provides ample parking space for both residents and visitors. This means you can easily commute in your own car without worrying about finding parking spaces.

Furthermore, food lovers will be delighted with the proximity of various restaurants offering diverse cuisines ranging from local street food stalls to upscale dining establishments. Whether it’s traditional South Indian delicacies or international flavors you crave, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant neighborhood.

Conclusion: Why Prestige Somerville is the Ideal Choice for Your Next Home

With its prime location on Varthur Road, luxurious amenities, and exceptional design elements, Prestige Somerville offers a lifestyle that is truly elevated. Whether you are looking for a spacious family home or a cozy apartment for yourself, this residential complex has something to suit every need.

The variety of apartments available at Prestige Somerville ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your budget and requirements. From well-designed one-bedroom units to expansive four-bedroom homes, each apartment is thoughtfully crafted with attention to detail and modern finishes.

What sets Prestige Somerville apart from other residential complexes in Bangalore are its unique features and design elements. The sprawling landscaped gardens provide a serene environment where residents can relax and unwind. The clubhouse offers state-of-the-art facilities such as a gymnasium, swimming pool, and sports courts, ensuring that there is always something to keep you engaged.

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