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Are you on the hunt for your dream home or investment property? Look no further than Prestige Group, one of India's leading real estate developers. With an impressive portfolio spanning across multiple cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai, among others, Prestige Group has made its mark in the industry with sales exceeding Rs. 10,000 Crore in the year 2021-22 alone. From landmark developments to commercial districts and premium hospitality offerings – they have it all! And if that isn't enough to entice you, keep reading as we share some exciting pre-launch projects from Prestige Group that will leave you wanting more.

With its innovative designs, exceptional quality, and timely delivery, Prestige Group has established itself as a pioneer in the real estate industry. Over the past decade, it has launched several iconic residential projects that have redefined luxurious living.

Bangalore's Prestige Lakeside Habitat is an exemplary project consisting of 3BHK and 4BHK apartments set amidst lush greenery and water bodies. Mumbai's The Reserve is another project that features ultra-luxury villas with private pools overlooking the scenic hills of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Prestige High Fields in Hyderabad offers premium apartments with world-class amenities like a rooftop infinity pool and sky lounges. In Chennai, Prestige Courtyards boasts spacious homes surrounded by manicured gardens and serene water bodies.

Kochi's Waterfront at Marine Drive offers breathtaking views of the backwaters coupled with lavish amenities like a mini theatre and business centre while Goa's Oceanique Villas are exquisite beach-front properties designed for those seeking luxury living by the sea.

And if you're waiting for something new to come up in Noida soon from Prestige Group which will redefine your lifestyle choices!

Prestige Pre Launch Projects, If you want to be one of the first to know about upcoming launches across India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Noida Kochi and Hyderabad – pre-register now!

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Landmark Developments: Pioneers in luxury living and integrated townships

When it comes to luxury living and integrated townships, Prestige Group has set the bar high with their landmark developments. These projects have redefined the concept of modern living in India by providing residents with world-class amenities and unparalleled comfort.

Each project is meticulously planned and executed, offering a seamless blend of contemporary architecture, stunning landscaping, and state-of-the-art facilities. Whether it's a luxurious apartment complex or an expansive township, Prestige Group's landmark developments offer something for everyone.

These projects aren't just about providing comfortable homes; they're designed to create vibrant communities where people can live, work, and play. From parks and gardens to shopping centers and entertainment zones, every aspect of these developments is geared towards enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

The attention to detail that goes into each development is evident from the moment you step inside. The use of premium materials coupled with cutting-edge technology ensures that everything from the interiors to exteriors are top-notch.

In short, Prestige Group's landmark developments represent the pinnacle of luxury living in India. With their focus on creating sustainable communities that cater to all aspects of modern life - be it work or leisure - these projects are shaping future urban landscapes across various cities in India.

Commercial Developments: Shaping The Skylines Of Commercial Business Districts And Techno Zones In India's Major Cities.

Prestige Group's commercial developments have been pivotal in shaping the skylines of India's major cities. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, their projects stand out as prime examples of modern architecture.

From office spaces to retail complexes, Prestige Group has set new standards for commercial real estate in the country. Their buildings are designed with convenience and functionality in mind, providing tenants with ample parking space, high-speed elevators, and state-of-the-art security systems.

One notable project is the Prestige Tech Park located in Bangalore - an IT hub that houses some of the biggest names in technology. The park offers world-class amenities such as a gymnasium, food court, coffee shops and conference rooms making it an ideal location for businesses to thrive.

Their newest development - 'The Clio' - promises to be another game changer. Located strategically near Hebbal Flyover Junction at Bellary Road Hyderabad this 23-storey building will offer contemporary workspaces spread over 1 million sq.ft., catering to large MNCs & Indian conglomerates alike.

Prestige Group's commercial developments have played a vital role in transforming India's skyline into one that is modern and dynamic while ensuring both environmental sustainability and economic growth for decades to come.

Hospitality: Recognised Leaders In Premium Hospitality.

Prestige Group is not only known for their exceptional real estate development, but also for their recognized leadership in premium hospitality. They have been providing the best-in-class hospitality services across India and are considered as pioneers in this industry.

The Prestige Group's hospitality business operates under various brands such as Oakwood Premier, Conrad Hotels & Resorts and Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway. Each of these brands offers a unique experience to the guests with unparalleled luxury.

Oakwood Premier brand provides world-class serviced apartments that cater to both long-term and short-term stays while ensuring utmost comfortability throughout the stay. Similarly, Conrad Hotels & Resorts offer luxurious amenities like spas, fitness centers, high-end restaurants and bars among others. Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway stands out with its stunning architecture that exudes elegance and sophistication through every corner.

The group has always focused on maintaining top-notch quality standards in all aspects of its operations which has helped them earn numerous accolades from reputed organizations around the world such as World Travel Awards, TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award etc.

Prestige Group's expertise in hospitality sector sets them apart from other developers. Their commitment towards delivering exceptional experiences to their guests is evident through their unwavering attention to detail and consistency in service delivery.

Retail: Powering A Futuristic Revolution From A Rich Retail Legacy.

Prestige Group has been a game-changer in the retail industry, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards. With their rich legacy of over three decades, Prestige Retail is committed to delivering exceptional shopping experiences that are truly world-class.

Their futuristic approach is evident from the use of cutting-edge technology in their retail spaces. For example, at their Forum Shantiniketan mall in Bangalore, shoppers can enjoy an interactive digital experience with augmented reality-enabled maps and directories.

In addition to creating innovative shopping environments, Prestige Retail also focuses on curating a diverse range of brands and products to cater to every customer's needs. From fashion and beauty to electronics and home decor, there is something for everyone at Prestige malls.

Moreover, sustainability is at the core of all their operations. Their eco-friendly practices include energy-efficient lighting systems, water conservation measures and waste management programs.

With numerous upcoming projects across India set to redefine the future of retailing as we know it today – including premium lifestyle centers like The Collection by Prestige in Chennai – it's clear that Prestige Group will continue powering a revolutionary change within this industry for years to come.

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In summary, Prestige Group is a leading real estate developer in India with an impressive track record of successful projects across various asset classes. With its strong presence in major cities and upcoming launches in new markets, the company continues to expand its reach and offer innovative solutions to meet evolving market demands.

Whether it's landmark luxury developments, commercial properties that shape skylines or premium hospitality offerings, Prestige Group has established itself as a pioneer of cutting-edge innovation and quality.

With a rich legacy and commitment to excellence, the group continues to lead the way in future-focused retail experiences that drive transformational change across industries. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Prestige Group as they continue their mission to redefine modern living standards through unparalleled design and engineering expertise.

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